Monday, April 2, 2018

The Worst Class Trip Ever by Dave Barry

3 Stars

Because when your book-hatin’ kid tells you to read the story he just finished, there’s only one thing you can say . . . .

If you’re an old fogey you’re probably familiar with the name Dave Barry since he’s been around for about eleven trillion years. He kicks it kid-style in The Worst Class Trip Ever which, aptly named, is about a class field trip. Actually it’s about the class field trip. You know the one. In 8th Grade when everyone goes to Washington D.C.? This is the story of what happens to Wyatt, Matt, Suzana, Victor and Cameron, along with two mysterious men from their flight, while visiting the capital.

So the kid was right and this was pretty fun. It’s rare that he actually enjoys the reading process, so I’m always thankful when he finds a winner. The gripe I have about this selection is that it is one of the Truman Award Nominees that the school district encourages/rewards children to read. That would be great if they were recommending a book like this to maybe third graders. My kid is waaaaaay older than that and while I am a firm believer of read whatever you like and I get that he feels very accomplished having read this from start to finish in a couple of days when it usually takes him weeks, I think the middle-school should be pushing books that are a bit – okay A LOT - more challenging than this one.

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