Friday, April 20, 2018

Lies She Told by Cate Holahan

3.5 Stars

Overdue book review? I’d say so since I read this thing last freaking year. The most disgusting part? I was offered another reader copy by Crooked Lane for review and was actually ballsy enough to ask for this one instead. Proves once again no one should ever do anything nice for me.

Perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that I actually REMEMBERED this story – which is practically a miracle. Especially when it comes to mysteries/thrillers since I read so many of them and they tend to blend together. Lies She Told was obviously just different enough that even my broken brain couldn’t forget the plot . . . . despite forgetting to ever post a review.

The story here is of Liz. Liz used to be a successful author of romantic suspense, but her last book really went in the dumper. Now she’s under a 30-day time crunch in order to get her new story finished and get back on top of her game. Follow along with not only Liz’s life, but also Beth’s – Liz’s new female protagonist who discovers her husband is having an affair. Make sure to pay attention, though, because the dual narrators along with a potential case of life imitating art are sure to create some #blurredlines . . . . .

3.5 Stars because this was a book that took a while to find its rhythm. Rounded up because now that summer is approaching this would make for a great beachy read.

Many thanks to Crooked Lane for providing a copy of this to me in exchange for an honest review. Sorry I suck!

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