Monday, April 9, 2018

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn

1 Star

When Laura Ingraham opened her big fat trap in order to insult someone for about the eleven-thousandth time by telling LeBron James he should just “shut up and dribble,” my reaction was pretty much identical to the King’s . . . .

I figured the low-star reactions to Penn penning a book might stem from the same idea. Yeah, notsamuch. Bob Honey truly is godawful. The most over written stream-of-consciousness style piece of garbage I may have ever laid my eyes on that at the end of the day amounts to nothing but this . . .

“Tweet me, bitch. I dare you.”

While I am definitely not a believer in trying to tell someone (famous or not) that they aren’t allowed to voice their opinion, I am a firm believer in . . . .

Pappy Pariah, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you write for shit. Maybe you should explore the world of giffery next time.

Endless thanks to the library who saved me from having to spend any of my hard-earned money on this tripe.

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