Monday, February 29, 2016

Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

2 Stars
Look at that bright and shiny 4.17 Goodreads rating. You know what that means, right?

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Usually I’m willing to take the hit and say it was me, but not this time. I picked up Something Like Summer mainly because it was free, but also because the synopsis interested me. I bumped it up on my TBR because the cover was pretty. (I’m more than willing to admit I’m shallow.) Alright, so this was the story of Ben and Tim, the new boy around the block that Ben takes a fancy to. When a not-so-cute meet/cute happens Ben offers to help Tim out, a friendship develops, and eventually even though Tim claims to be 100% hetero, somehow he ends up requesting Ben to . . . .

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You know what happens next, right????

“Teach me how to fly, my beautiful butterfly.”

And then I may have had a feeling because we’re talking about teenage boys, one of whom was firmly planted in the closet so you know things weren’t going to be totally peachy keen and I thought for sure I was reading a 5 Star book. But then Part I ended and a fastforward occurred that brought us to Part II and everything became nothing but . . .

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From the cardboard cutout which was Ben’s adult love-interest to the new and way unimproved Tim to the awful love triangle that left me wanting to punch everyone in the gonads to the ending that was JUST. SO. CONTRIVED. The air was quickly let out of my 5 Star balloon.

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