Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Blankets by Craig Thompson

3 Stars
Contrary jerkoff party of 1? I’m here I’m here! While a 3 Star rating is most definitely a perfectly fine rating – in this case I am one of a handful amongst my friends who dared to not give 4 or 5. Allow me a moment to ‘splain myself. If I were judging solely on the artwork I would break the GR rating system and allot Blankets 10. I mean seriously it begins right at the cover . . .

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Très belle! And for those of you who have developed a love for the grown-up coloring book? You could defile the crap out of Mr. Thompson’s creation : )

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The reason my rating is low is because I just didn’t get it. I mean, I got it. Farts. This isn’t going well. Okay, so Blankets was not difficult to understand. It was a coming-of-age story about a boy and went from his early childhood and superbadawful things (*sad face*) to his über religious adolescence and eventually finding a bit of who he wanted to be in early adulthood. The part I don’t get is why an autobiography? Maybe it’s just because I had never heard of Craig Thompson before (be gentle, I’m still a graphic novel noob), but this might have worked better for me if it was about a fictional character. I don't get the trend of everyone thinking their life story is something worth writing about and while Thompson did have a superbad happen, it was barely a blip on the over 600 pages contained in this book. FOR ME there just wasn’t a whole lot of story (aside from an excuse to show readers more beautiful art) for it to be so voluminous.

Anyway, obviously it’s just me and I read this wrong. Go read Carmen’s review instead. She’s good at words – even when those words are about a “pitcherbook” ; )

As for me? I’ll be trying to track down a copy of Habibi because . . . .

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Wow. This dude is seriously goooooooood at the black and white.

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