Friday, February 26, 2016

Shift Just Got Real by Ruby Dixon

3 Stars
One thing I’ve come to realize about my Goodreads friends the more I get to know them is . . .

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Sh3lly takes the blame for any Ruby Dixon book you see me reading. Every. Single. Freaking. One. Of. Them. In case you haven’t met Ms. Dixon or experienced her foray in to the shifter novella, here’s a brief synopsis: These stories are below the 100 page mark and are 100% smut. And even though the leading male in this story was supposed to be not good looking (kudos to the author for that), as soon as there is talk of a 40 year old dude who turns into a bear my brain tells me it should be King Leonidas and my ladygarden is all like . . .

Sorry not sorry. Anyway, this tromp through bear country leads us to Mal and Ryann. Ryann moved to town a few years ago when she was still a teenager and Mal was smitten. However, due to the age difference he immediately told himself to simmah down nah and has avoided Ryann as much as is humanly (bearishly????) possible ever since. Well, at least to her knowledge. Sometimes he watches her from afar – but ONLY when she’s in the kitchen. I mean, he’s not a perv. Or at least that’s what he’s been able to tell himself until one night while in bear form he catches a peak of Ryann doing a little self-diddling. Before you can yell GRIZZLY, Ryann catches Mal uhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . .

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outside her window.

Which of course leads to Mal getting a taste of that honey pot and let me tell ya somethin’ – young Ryann’s honeypot doth overflow . . .

Excluding all the juicy talk and some other commentary that made me question whether my ladybud is actually the wrong size . . .

(Seriously? That sounds not so very appealing but thanks for the offer.)

This one was going okay and I even got a chuckle or two . . .

“If you’d just say the word, Mal, I’d climb right on top of you.”



But then this happened . . . .

“Why, Daddy, whatever do you mean?”

*insert record scratch noise*

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This momma no likey the daddy talk. No judgment to those who do. You might like that naughty girls get spankins too *wink*

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