Monday, February 22, 2016

We Can Never Go Home by Matthew Rosenberg, Patrick Kindlon, Josh Hood (Illustrations)

2 Stars

Palm Springs commercial photography

What just happened?

Okay, so maaaaaaaaybe if this . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography


(without the smoochyface)

had a baby it might look a little something like this crazy mess.

This is the story of Maddie and Dustin and what happens after Maddie gets a bit too PMS-y and starts zapping laser beams out her eyeballs. Unfortunately for Maddie, no one ever bothered having a heart-to-heart with her like this guy . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

But luckily for Dustin a wardrobe malfunction provided a “music montage” type of scene like this . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

(There’s a spoiler in there somewhere *wink*)

I have no clue what else to say about this story. I think maybe you’re supposed to do drugs before reading it but Whitney always told me that crack is whack so I refrained. Be forewarned, if you too just say no to drugs you’ll probably look like this the entire time you’re reading . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

I’m probably supposed to say something about the art before signing off, huh? It was aiight.

The source of this book is about the most coolio thing ever. A friend bought this and then gifted it to a mutual friend who then gifted it to me. Kind of a pay-it-forward for all of us booknerdy delinquents. Many thanks to both friends for thinking of me!

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