Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Swear Word Coloring Book

5 Stars
So yesterday this happened . . . .

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(I’ll get to the backstory on the comics once I finally pull myself out of this motorcycle porn spiral and start reading them, but for now let’s focus on the coloring book). Unless you live in a van, down by the river you’ve probably heard that coloring books for grown-ups is the new big deal. Apparently coloring can relieve stress better than raging out on GR regularly. I’m still on the fence about that – it makes me feel pretty f-in’ amazing when I unleash the fury instead of keeping it bottled up, but I figured what the hell. Plus, this was obviously the perfect choice for me. My “colorful” choice of language is comparable to the “Old Man” in A Christmas Story . . .

“In the heat of battle my father mother wove a tapestry of obscenities that as far as we know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.”

The only problem? Finding a way to color in private while not letting my small human in on the action. Good news is, it was New Hampshire Primary night. Zero children want to be present while MSNBC is broadcasting the projected winner for eleventy hours. Yay!!!!! He even let me steal his art kit when he wasn’t looking borrow his art supplies . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

It worked too. I only kinda wanted to throw my shoe through the television when Trumps’ stupid orange face appeared on screen. And I made a new nameplate for my office . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

I didn’t want everyone else to get jealous of my new décor so I even made one for my old boss . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

I hope he likes it!

Many thanks to my buddy Shelby for not only this gift but also for being an amazing person who has proven to be a great buddy both on and off the internet. My husband still wants to kick your ass about all of the Pop Vinyl upcoming releases you send me, though.

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