Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shift Out Of Luck by Ruby Dixon

3 Stars
Bet y’all thought you had seen the last of me reading porn, huh???? Well guess what?

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That’s right. My ride with the bikers may have ended, but thanks to a plethora of perverts who have been kind enough to befriend me on GR I was also introduced to the world of werewolfbear romance. (Please note I use that term in the loosest manner possible because this is very short and pretty porntastic.) I mean Sh3lly and Shelby and Future Jess and Monty were all like . . .

Since I am but a mere mortal it was impossible for me to resist the power of those smut peddlers.

So what did I get out of Shift Out Of Luck aside from a gigglesnort worthy title? I’ll give you a hint . . .

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This was the story of Cole who has been pining for Adelaide for years since she moved to Pine Falls. Adelaide has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints (mainly in the form of bountiful cleavage placed in Cole’s sightline) that she’s interested in Cole, but he’s unwilling to take the bait. Cole’s problem is a big one . . .

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Well yeah, that. Also he’s a werebear who is terrified he’ll break poor ol’ Adelaide in half if they get frisky and he can’t control his inner animal. Lucky for the reader Adelaide isn’t a sissy and eventually convinces Cole that they should . . .

Ha! Yeah right. More like he should let her ride that donkey donkey let her ride that donkey. (Ahhhh, the 69 Boyz. Old but gold, right?)

Anywho, this had enough of a plot that I didn’t feel 100% guilty reading it (just like 97.5%). It was also short so I wasted zero hours on it and the sex was so sexy that I was all om nom nom nom . . .

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Now I know why all the gals were recommending Ruby Dixon motorbike books to me. She’s pretty good at porn science.

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