Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rage by Richard Bachman

2 Stars
This was a super shorty so there isn’t a whole lot to say without giving the entire thing away. I’ll just leave it as . . .

“This,” I said pleasantly, “is known as getting it on.”

Yep. Ol’ Charlie’s having a bit of a shit day and to top it all off . . .

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It probably says something for the state of the universe (or at least the state of my psyche) that this book left me with such a “meh” reaction. I’d blame it on the fact that it was written by “Richard Bachman” and not King, but that argument doesn’t fly since The Long Walk is one of my favorite stories. For Rage being a book that was pulled from printing by King due to its disturbing nature I didn’t find it to be all that disturbing. I appreciated (horrible choice of words there, so forgive me) the spin on the “deranged student,” but for me the execution was a failure. I wasn’t invested in Charlie or in any of his classmates, and when you’re dealing with a hostage situation it’s kind of important to route for someone be it the bad buy or the “good” guys. Bottom line is I was left feeling like this . . .

“You are disturbed, Charlie.”

And more like this . . .

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My friend Councillor does a much better job explaining why this story didn’t quite live up to expectations and even uses words instead of pictures to do the talking!

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