Thursday, March 3, 2016

El Deafo by Cece Bell

3 Stars
This is the autobiographical story of Cece Bell and her experiences of going to school as the only deaf kid in the class. From her own insecurities to people treating her different, Cece found a coping mechanism in the form of “El Deafo” a superhero with nerves of steel who Cece imagined saying and doing everything she only wished she was brave enough to . . . .

This is a great book for youngsters. Aside from pointing out the obvious fact that people are people and shouldn’t be treated different just because they aren’t an exact copy of everyone else, it also did a great job of explaining (in kid terms) exactly how it might make the person who is being treated differently feel. It also takes you through all the other trials and tribulations a young’in might experience while navigating their way through elementary school. Things like embarrassing parents, making friends (and frenemies), first crushes, and most importantly . . .

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My 3 Star rating is the lowest amongst my friends, which is totally legit since I’m easily the biggest jerk in the group of those who have read it. Since I am such a jerk, allow me to go off on a tangent. Such a switch from my regular reviews which always stay on topic, I know.

An open letter to schoolteachers who assign nightly reading as homework: I am a reader and I love this. My small human, however, is not. I have done my parental duty and made sure that said small person is capable of reading at a top-of-the-charts level, but unfortunately I cannot make him enjoy reading. You know what might? Reading a story about a little bunny who eavesdrops on her teachers. That stuff is HI.LAR.I.OUS. to a kid. Buuuuuuuuut, since the story was contained in a graphic novel and not a “real” (seriously?) book it doesn’t count toward the weekly reading requirement because it would be “cheating” since it has so many pictures and not as many words. Yeah. You know what you can do????

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