Thursday, March 10, 2016

Preacher by Dahlia West

4 Stars
“You make me want a life I can’t have. A life I don’t deserve.”
If Nicholas Sparks wrote a motorcycle porno the end result might be something a bit like Preacher. I know I know I know . . .

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I should not have enjoyed this . . . but I did. Sorry not sorry. It was just so different from the other MC books I’ve been gorging myself on recently. Mainly because it had a little something you may have heard of called a plot. Also because Spring has sprung and my weekends consist of pretty much THIS . . .

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Which is pretty different from the way I normally spend my free time . . .

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Making for the perfect excuse to partake in some additional motorbiking bangery.

Jack “Preacher” Price never saw what was coming when his motorcycle club turned on him and left him for dead outside Rapid City. He takes shelter in the first place he comes across – a barn owned by Erin Walker. Erin needs help keeping her ranch up and running, Jack needs a place to heal before he returns to Rapid City for revenge so the two strike up an uneasy partnership. As their mutual attraction grows, Jack tries to fight it – to no avail . . . .

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As I said, this one might have simply been a case of “right place/right time” but for whatever reason it really worked for me and took my mind off the gale force winds and being pummeled by dirt blowing across the infield. I found the story to be interesting, the pacing to be decent and the smexytimes? Goodgodamighty!!!!!

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After all . . .

“Lucifer was the most beautiful of all the angels.”

I’m the first of my friends to read this, which is really weird ‘cause y’all know I have buddied up to a bunch of perverts and it was a freebie when I picked it up. I’ll be reading this one next . . . .

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for scientific purposes.

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