Monday, March 21, 2016

The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

4 Stars
If you know my history with romance novels, you’ll know I’m not real good at reading them right most of the time. Mainly because . . .

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One exception to my ongoing list of failures has been Rachel Van Dyken, so when I saw my library had a selection I had not yet read I was all . . . .

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This is the part where I talk about the tired trope and whatnot. If you are still a naïve thinker who believes NA romance stories can be “spoiled” it’s probably best you leave now.

Still here? Alright, let’s roll. The plotline for The Bet is that Kacey has agreed to go back to her hometown and pretend to be her former bestie Jake’s fiancé for the weekend. Due to some stuff and things that happened in the past, our leading lady is a bit worried that she will end up taking her role too serious and fall for Jake’s charm. Upon their arrival we meet Travis – Jake’s brother. Brothers, you say????? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES PLEASE AND THANKY BABY JEEBUS! . . . .

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Travis spent his childhood tormenting Kasey, but momma’s little baby is all groweds up now. It doesn’t take long for Kasey to realize that her worries of crossing a line with Jake are pretty much nonexistent as he has become a superdillhole. Travis, on the other hand, is nothing like he was as a kid . . .

“Don’t forget to buckle up, princess. I drive like I ride.”

You know what that means, right????? (Spoiler Alert: BOOOIIIIINNNNNNNNG!) I had to spend some quality time in the bathroom ‘cause Mr. Kelly had a shot of getting some action!!!!!

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Throw in a sassy granny, the inevitable will they/won’t they drama, plenty of humor, a great delivery and pretty perfect pacing and I’m one satisfied customer . . .

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Many thanks to the porny librarian who keeps me in supply of no-cost smut!

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