Friday, March 11, 2016

Kin by Kealan Patrick Burke

4 Stars
“All my friends are gone. Everything is dead.”

What if this . . . .

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Was only the start of the horror movie???? Such is the case with Kin as Claire stumbles out of the woods half dead from the hands of her captors. Thus begins a finely woven tale of the survivor, a victim’s brother, a lovestruck boy who hopes to win the girl’s heart, and a woman who ran away but was never able to fully escape her past. Oh and dare I forget the other characters - led by “Momma” . . . .

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Who have made a life for themselves by . . . errrrrrrrrrr “making use” of whatever ends up on their land . . .

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I read Kin at the beginning of the year, but failed to ever write a review because I suck since I had just read Brother which was similar and I didn’t want to compare apples to . . . well something pretty damn close to apples. Now that I’ve sat on it awhile and even skimmed it again to refresh my memory, I’m comfortable giving Kin 4 Stars rather than the 3 I was initially going to award. This was most definitely a revamped take on a familiar storyline, but one that left me continually saying . . .

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Recommended for those with iron stomachs because the descriptions of everything you will see (and smell) are most assuredly over-the-top. And if you aren’t brave enough to go this one alone? Buddy-up with a friend . . .

Just make sure to hide yo pizzle kids and hide yo wives first.

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