Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler

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It is with great sadness that I come to this review space and tell you I might be throwing in the towel when it comes to Daniel Handler. Sorry Daniel, it’s not me – it’s you. I was terrified of reading anything of the non-Lemony Snicket variety and was so happy when I read and looooooooved The Basic Eight . Like a hardcore unhealthy kind of love. I loved it so much that when I didn’t completely fall over myself after reading Why We Broke Up I blamed myself (and particularly my old age) on my reduced enjoyment. A few months later I gave Adverbs a shot . . . and hated it.

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And here I am today saying I hated this one even more. And I’m saaaaaaaaaaaad.

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Daniel Handler, you were supposed to be one of my favorites! I pictured myself going all “Annie Wilkes” on you due to my superfangirling . . . and now it’s all ruined.

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I can’t even review this. If you want to see a well-thought-out review from someone who didn’t really like this one either, check out Melki’s, or if you want a well-thought-out review from someone who liked it, check out Wart’s. I’mma go cry some more now.

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