Saturday, February 21, 2015

Much Loved by Mark Nixon

5 Stars
Thanks to Carmen this little book was brought to my attention. She didn’t rate it so high because she is a horrible horrible person. BWAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. It definitely takes a special kind of weirdo to want to immediately battle an ice storm and run to Barnes & Noble in order to obtain a copy of this overpriced little gem . . . And that special little weirdo just happens to be named Kelly : )

What better accompaniment to my menagerie of death than a coffee table book filled with imagery of well-loved zombie pets?

Like Zombie Giraffe . . .

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Or Zombie Teddy Bear . . .

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Or Zombie BunnehCarrotTopBoyDollNightmareInducingHybrid . . .

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EDIT: After forcing sharing this book on with my children I was reminded of a most horrific Big Bird that belonged to my husband back in the Paleozoic Era which was presented to my youngest several years back by his grandmother. Per the comments below, the poor child was traumatized enough that he still remembers said Zombie Bird. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate him. I assume he's currently hiding in our ventilation system with the zombie hamster biding his time until he decides to murder us in our sleep. I was, however, able to find my oldest son's beloved green dog . . .

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who spent years being carted around wherever we went. Look at those stains! God I hope no one ever runs a blacklight over him. He's probably covered in urine and fecal matter : (

As for me? I'm sticking with a different type of “stuffed” animal. Isn’t that right, Pauly?

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