Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Big Nate: Say Good-Bye to Dork City by Lincoln Peirce

4 Stars
If you are the parent of a kid who doesn’t enjoy reading, you’ll try anything to turn things around (especially when you are someone who spends ALLLLLLL of your own free time with your face in a book). The Big Nate series has been a saving grace for my sanity. These books are funny, fast, and the comic book format eliminates some of the “I’m booooooooooored” complaints heard during reading time. Next year my youngest will have to choose from the Truman Award Nominees for his reading selections. While those books might be more fun for me I will miss the effortless buddy reads and moments like this that Big Nate brought to my life . . .

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Endless thanks to NetGalley for keeping my little one a little one just a bit longer : )

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