Saturday, February 21, 2015

I Could Pee On This and Other Poems By Cats by Francesco Marciuliano

4 Stars
My plan for this evening was to read the second volume of Locke and Key - but then this happened . . .

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So I decided to give I Could Pee on This a gander in order to prevent interrupting the cat's 14th nap of the day.

Many of you are probably aware that I really like odd little books. You may also know that I have a fondness for animals - both living and dead. What you may be worried about is what happens to my pets when they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Rest your minds, I don't stuff them and mount them on the wall. Instead I cremate them, put them up on the bookshelf, and add their picture along with a tribute book next to their cremains. Our dead cat's (Vinnie Van Gogh - RIP) book had been How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, but My Dog the Paradox was up there next to the dead dog and it was getting to be a bit too "Oatmealish" for one shelf.

Although the poems contained in this little book weren't all winners, it still provided some ha-has and will hopefully reduce a bit of that "oh my God, how F'd up are you with this room of doom?!?!?!?!" that some experience upon entering my house.

Faves included . . .

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(Duh, right?)

"Self Affirmation"
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(Had to use a stuntcat for this image - remember, napping was in progress)

and "Your Keyboard"
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'Cause if your house is anything like my house, once you try to sit down and blog out a Pulitzer worthy book review your cat does this . . .

Commercial Photography

Recommended as a gift for your weird catlady friend : )

Oh and in case you're wondering, I can read my graphic novel now. I just can't put my p.j.s on because of . . .

Commercial Photography

Yep. Napping is happening on top of them. Look - they're multiplying!

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