Friday, December 6, 2019

The Moors by Jen Silverman

4.5 Stars

What do an estate house, a dysfunctional family, a dog searching for more, a catfishing expedition, murder plotting, and a musical number inspired by . . . .

Have in common? Well, that’s all things you’ll find in Jen Silverman’s brilliant play The Moors.

I’ll spare you all the boring details regarding just how I ended up looking for last-minute tickets to a play for my son and I to attend and simply say I needed some last-minute tickets to a play for my son and I to attend. We literally had ONE available evening (yesterday) in which to see said show and not $100 to drop per ticket (and also I hate A Christmas Carol so I would have cried if that was my only option). Miracle of miracles, UMKC was putting on this show – which I knew nothing about. I simply snatched up tickets, told the kid to STFU (in the nicest way possible) and suffer through if it ended up being crap since this was for his class and off we went. And holy crap this play and production were amazing.

As I said before, the play itself was simply brilliant. Dark humor at its best. The cast of only six (along with us attending a performance held in a 40-seat theater) . . . .

(No joke - smaller than a two-car garage.)

Left zero room for error. These students were amazing and turned an evening I’m honest enough to be admit we were pretty much dreading into one we won’t forget. Highly recommend to theater fans who like their comedy with a bit of a murdery edge to it.

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