Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Barbed Wire Heart by Tess Sharpe

4 Stars

“You gotta be like barbed wire. Tough no matter what, ready to tangle with anyone who gets too close.”
Do you suck at keeping up with reviews? (Don’t answer that, Ron, we all know you do.) If so, is there a reason one (or 30) fall through the cracks? It can’t be because I didn’t like this book because holy crap I liked this one. (Meth = 4 Stars. Kidding. Sort of.). And yet somehow I read it 42,000 days ago and never bothered posting. Now you get next to nothing because Old Lady Brain is debilitating condition so the details are scarce. Simply put, this is a story about . . . . .

Not that kind of Family Feud – more like the Hatfield and McCoy version that has been going on for an age and even murdering the other’s family members isn’t over the line. The focus is on Harley McKenna, daughter of a criminal who has been working for him since she was only 16. Now the Springfield clan are closing in on Duke’s operation and Harley has decided she’s had enough. Her plan is to take out both operations . . . . .

Here’s where I win my mother-of-the-year award, because despite the fact that this is a violent, gritty type of tale, I would totally market it as YA. What you have to understand is when I say “YA” I mean like Juniors and Seniors in high school. This book was a freaking feminist manifesto that kicked ass and took names and I would highly recommend it to older young adults. It’s in your face and no nonsense and that is the kind of daughter I would want to raise if I had one.

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