Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Autopsy of a Boring Wife by Marie-Renée Lavoie

4.5 Stars

What if – instead of our good friend Bridget returning for a round three in order to have some bizarre late-in-life baby . . . . .


We pretend that never happened and instead . . . .

I’m forty-eight – almost forty-nine – and after twenty-five years my marriage just blew up in my face. On a good day, I take a sledgehammer to my house between swigs of white wine. I’m a total mess.

Depending on what you consider “hysterically funny” this may be a flop for you. I can say it definitely made me laugh every time she smashed the crap out of another piece of furniture (or “grew a meadow” in the backyard) and I absolutely fell in love with both Diane and her best pal Claudine. While (as far as I know) my husband isn’t planning on leaving me due to the fact that I’m “boring” (as if), I found this book completely relatable. Aside from one thing – you cheat on me mother&^%er?????

Actually, it would be hard to convince the PoPo that he just happened to fall on that butcher knife, so I’d probably have to get a good lawyer, but that’s beside the point.

Mad props to the translation as well, as that is something that doesn’t always work for me and I don’t think one step was missed with me not being able to read this in the original French. Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended to other “boring” wives ; )

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