Tuesday, December 10, 2019

He Started It by Samantha Downing

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4 Stars

From the placeholder “review” below, obviously this was a highly anticipated release for me. Now that I’ve finished?????

But some of you are gonna haaaaaaaate it due to the ending so let’s just hope that I can come to terms with my feelings before release date so we can still be friends.

I was lucky enough to score an early copy of My Lovely Wife when no one was even talking about it yet and it completely blew my socks off. I knew Samantha Downing was an author to watch and I literally knew nothing about this book (hadn’t even read a blurb) before attempting to receive an advanced copy. I recognized Downing’s name and the cover was so good I almost creamed my jeans = I neeeeeeeeeded it. Then I got nervous because sophomore novels – especially those on the heels of a megahit – are hard and I’m a giant asshole who tells it like it is. But then I started and discovered this was going to be a story about a . . . . .

With a pretty obvious destination of . . . . .

Call me biased if you want, but like Julie Andrews sang ♪♫♪these are a few of my favorite things♪♫♪.

The story here is pretty simple: siblings Beth, Portia, Eddie and their granddaddy . . . . .

Are taking a little family vacay . . . .

“Go on the road trip. Scatter my ashes at the end. Once I’m in my final resting place, my estate will be equally divided between you.”

Sounds simple right? The only caveats? Don’t end up in jail, complete the entire trip and don’t deviate from the original road trip that was taken back when they were kids in any way or that person(s) gets bupkis. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh this was such a yummy slow roller of a read. I held off until I had the house to myself with the only interruptions to my reading being to play Uber driver for the children and letting the dog out to pretend he was pooping before coming in the house and actually pooping on the rug. I highly recommend reading this if not in one sitting, then in giant chunks where you can really get absorbed in the story. Obviously this would be pretty kickass to experience if you ever find yourself the passenger on your own drive from hell (looking at you, never-ending State of Kansas) or if you’re a freak like me you might find it to be a pretty decent holiday read despite it taking place in the heat of the summer and ending in the desert. Nothing says Merry Christmas like family drama! Recommended.

My undying gratitude to Berkley Publishing for making my wish come true on this one in exchange for an honest review. My fangirling opinions are all my own.


Who do I have to cut to get a copy of this????


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