Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ohio by Stephen Markley

5 Stars

“You haven’t heard of The Murder That Never Was?”
Starting off 2019 with a 5 Star read got me like . . . . .

Go read my friend Liz’s review because that’s how I heard about Ohio in the first place and she says everything that needs to be said. (And I totally agree with the negative points of her critique, but somehow I was able to overlook every one of this novel’s flaws when it came to my rating.)

As the blurb says, Ohio is about one night when four former classmates all wind up back in the former steelmill glory/now drug and criminal addled hometown they all know as “The Cane.” Each gets their own narrative – Bill, former do-gooder activist and current mule; Stacey, the “lesbian” in high school who is now an eco-lit grad student; Dan, the boy-next-door who has returned from war minus and eye and with a lot of baggage; and Tina, prettiest girl in school who can’t get over her first “love.” What the blurb doesn’t tell you is not only is about that one night, but also the backstories of each character’s high school experience as well as what has occurred in their lives during the 10 years since they graduated. (You will most certainly find that you want less of at least one narrative and could have read an infinite amount of another – obviously YMMV on which character you feel this way about.)

This book truly was “lyrical and emotional” as well as brutal and B.L.E.A.K. If you are a reader who needs a trigger warning, add it to your never-to-read list because it has ALL of them. It is a bit long in the tooth and your attention my wane here and there, but by the time it all wraps up?????

Dear Other Books On My TBR: I hope you plan on bringing your A-Game.


I’ll review this tomorrow - maybe (y’all know I suck), but starting day 1 of the new year with a 5 Star? That’s purrrrrrty good stuff right thar! As my husband the optimist pointed out - “sucks to be the rest of 2019.” Hahahaha ; )

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