Monday, February 3, 2020

The Return by Rachel Harrison

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3.5 Stars

I read this book in December. And then I lost it in my car. Which is a Fiat . . . . . .

Why do I tell you guys stuff like this? My husband should have zero problems having me committed with all of these embarrassing confessions out there in writing. Actually he won’t even have to worry about it after that fucking Google ad during the Super Bowl . . . .

*drinks gallon of antifreeze due to inability to stop crying ever*

Anyway, so I was lucky enough to get an advance of this book, read it a billion years ago, lost it in a car that is about the same size as a shoe and am now finally posting this. And guess what? I just took a look at the cover and noticed that it doesn’t come out until March so . . . . .

The Return doesn’t seem to be a big hit with my Goodreads friends, but I dug it. The premise is a reunion of four old friends at a quirky inn. The twist is they are getting together after one of them was “disappeared” for two years. You see, Julie went hiking and never came back. Two years to the day she went missing she was found on her own front porch. Her pals Elise, Molly and Mae get the gang back together in order to help Julie as much as they can dealing with her return. But Julie isn’t the same. Is it a case of . . . .

Or something worse???

I kind of dug this one. The creep factor was on eleven and that was totally enjoyable. Plus, I always love a good “hens weekend” type of setting and watching the skeletons fall out of various closets. The dynamic of friend groups intrigues me and I don’t mind reading about people talking rather than nonstop action. Your mileage obviously may vary, but I think this would make for a great rainy-day read.

ARC provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review.

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