Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Bad Day for Sunshine by Darynda Jones

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3 Stars

100% honesty. I requested this as soon as I saw the cover. C’mon, it’s soooooo good.

Then I noticed who the author was and I read a few of her Charley Davidson books waaaaaaaaay back in the day. My previous experience along with the title indicating “Sunshine” might not be a great thing had my brain thinking this was going to be the story of a vampire Sheriff . . . . .

Don’t you judge me. Charley was a dang grim reaper so it wasn’t that much of a stretch. However, turns out Sunshine is a regular gal, not a supe. My second thought was this was going to be another love triangle that made me want to kill things, but I turned out to be 0 for 2 on my predictions because one (Quincy) was simply her BFF and the other (Levi) will absolutely end up being the target of some sort of hot/cold/on/off thing in books to come. Another dude did a drive-by of sorts in order to satisfy all of us perverted housewives, but it wasn’t anything worth putting your good underpants on for. The crime to be solved here was about a missing 14-year old girl and three days to find her. There were also other things to deal with like the local flasher and a possible custody battle of sorts regarding a rooster named Puff Daddy.

Ugh this boooooooooook . . . .

Since I absolutely cannot wait for the second one to come out that should say pretty much all that needs to be said to my friends. (Spoiler Alert to those who don’t know me: Homegirl generally don’t read past #1 in a series.) That being said, this book certainly did plenty to irritate me. The “secret” that was hinted about for eternity before finally being revealed was super obvious to pretty much anyone who has ever read a book before so that sure as heck shouldn't have dragged on forever. Also, I get that it’s Darynda Jones’ calling card of sorts to have sassy dialogue, but enough is enough at some point. I mean, this was supposed to be about a potential kidnapping, I could have lived without the Lenny Bruce impersonation. And without spoiling the ending . . . . .

There is a chance that I will have to set things on fire if the story goes in the direction that is clearly being hinted at. It’s gotta be a bait and switch, right? Please???????? I’m going with 3 Stars since I maintain hope this series will be a winner.

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