Friday, February 7, 2020

Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman

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4 Stars

Have y’all read Laura Lippman yet????

After discovering her last year with Sunburn I knew I wanted more and immediately requested the library to purchase this after being denied the ARC. I didn’t know anything about The Lady in the Lake going in aside from the author (and also that I hated the cover, but I’ll bitch about face covers on a review for another book). The story here is about a couple of murders. Bored upper-middleclass housewife Maddie Schwartz has left her husband after nearly twenty years in hopes of finding herself. When a local child goes missing, Maddie has what we’ll call a “hunch” about the whereabouts of where her murdered body can be found. She uses that as a way to sort of strong-arm her way into a position at the Baltimore Star and hopes to crack another case – that of a young African-American woman whose badly decomposed body was found in a city park fountain.

The Lady in the Lake reads a bit like a true crime novel, and for good reason. You see, the inspiration behind this book comes from real life events . . . .

Everyone – and I’m talking EV.ER.Y.ONE. – introduced narrates a portion of the story (including the dead woman) and Lippman doesn’t spoon feed the reader so some conclusions have to be deduced on your own. On top of that, Maddie isn't a real likable gal the majority of the time as she is 100% selfish and self-centered. If that’s not your idea of a good time, you should probably skip this one. But if you are a fan of not only crime stories, but ones that deal with real-life issues of the 1960s including race relations and women’s lib, this should definitely go on your TBR.

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