Thursday, January 2, 2020

Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

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4 Stars

I kicked off the New Year with comfort – shirking my Christmas undecorating duties in exchange for a book about meet cutes. Y’all know what a meet cute is, right? In case you don’t, here’s a brief rundown: (a) leading lady spills her drink on leading male, (b) gets high heel stuck in sewer grate a la damsel in distress, (c) two strangers ride share across the country together to start new jobs, (d) one drops a bunch of papers (or experiences some other unfortunate workish disaster) and utters the Queen Mother of all curse words in what ends up being the new boss’ face, (e) “carry a watermelon.” And then . . . .

They’re destined to be together. Simple.

I love romcoms and I love the meet cute. I actually read the blurb about this one (because I thought it looked like a Shop Around The Corner (or You’ve Got Mail to you young kids) revamp – which totally would have been A-Okay, but I wanted to confirm my wrong suspicions) and couldn’t wait to snag it from the library. But when I started I was a little worried because she . . . . .

Egad. Not the manic pixie. Luckily she just wore crinoline skirts with Doc Martens and didn’t have the eyeball-twitch-inducing “quirky” personality to go along with it. The bigger concern was the leading male. You see our girl Evie works as an assistant to a major Hollywood agent and has been assigned a pretty much a babysitting role to make sure the firm’s biggest client Ezra fulfils his obligation to write the screenplay for a sure-to-be blockbuster romantic comedy. He’s difficult/she agrees to reenact various meet cutes to prove . . . .

“A good meet-cute shows us it’s possible for a single moment to change everything for the better.”

“Please. No one’s ever met anyone the way they do in those movies. The coincidences. The clichés. In real life if someone spilled a drink on you, you’d be pissed off, maybe sue them if it’s a hot one, not fall for them. Real love can’t be contrived.”

“Tell that to Tinder.”

I just assumed those two would be destined to fall in love . . . .

But then he was pretty much a real NOB and he even met her at the door in his bathrobe and . . . .

Eeesh. #toosoon

Luckily there was a little bit of Sleepless in Seattle waiting in the wings and things ended up going swimmingly.


Spoiler alert for all your pornoheads: This is a TRUE romcom just like the movies. Totally PG.

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