Friday, January 10, 2020

The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

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4.5 Stars

I think I’ll be working on 2019 reviews until 2025, but every time I think “oh, just leave the stars and move on” my Catholic guilt or something rears its ugly head and I can’t do it. Especially on a book that I happened to really love but some of my friends didn’t (and not because they were wrongreaders either – even though most of them are *wink*).

The story here is about Kristen and Josh. No zany meet-cute to speak of – she was the maid of honor for her best friend and he was the best man for his. They hit it off and he ends up taking a side-gig building dog stairs for her company when he’s not busy being a fireman. While undeniably attracted to each other, there is at first a boyfriend in Kristen’s life so everything remains friendzoned and eventually when that boyfriend is kicked to the curb there’s another reason she refuses to get into a relationship with Josh. Annnnnnnnnd that’s probably the part that lost most people – which I totally get. If you pick up romance novels purely for the escapism that comes from a good round of hide the salami, this one might be a little heavy because

SPOILER Kristen suffers from severe fibroids and is planning on a hysterectomy and Josh wants like fourteen trillion babies with his future wife./END SPOILER

That doesn’t mean you still don’t get the hide the salami, but I can certainly see where some might be like . . . . .

I kind of dig having real-life issues thrown into these books occasionally rather than just the same ol’ tropes and nonsense being the catalyst for some manufactured drama before the happily ever after. I was kind of guaranteed to enjoy Kristen simply due to the fact that her dog was named . . . . .

And it was impossible not to fall in love with Josh. First, because he was well aware that when you offer to go to the store for a female, there’s a good chance that you might have to do this . . . .

And also because he totally gave a Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally speech and I’m a sappy sucker for that moment every single time . . . . .

YMMV and I won’t defriend you if you hate this. I loved it enough for a few people.

4.5 Stars instead of 5 because a HEA SPOILER AHEAD

(doesn’t always have to end with a visit from the stork.)

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