Friday, July 13, 2018

Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

3 Stars

Please note that I am the odd one out with this 3 Star rating because nearly all of my pervs . . . errr, I mean peeps on Goodreads splooged their daisy dukes over this one and it has a cumulative rating of 4.30 from them . . . .

I know right? What can I say? These broads love them some KA motorbikey porns. And so do I. So why the low(ish) rating from yours truly here? Well, it’s pretty simple . . . .

I pick up a book like this for one reason and one reason alone. Because I want to get in the mood to . . . . .

Know what I mean????

Or am I being too subtle? If so, allow me to quote the immortal words of Chase Rice and say when I’m finished with the book????

I give zero farts about all the “honey” calling by the female lead, and caveman equivalent elocutions of the male lead and dirty talk and swampy sexyparts and anything else. Kristen Ashley gets a pass on all of it because her shit GETS. THE. JOB. DONE. But add in a baby????

It doesn’t even matter that Joker was described as my ideal man: Zac from The Challenge fame. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Zac . . . . .

Someone mix up a stronger batch of this Kool-Aid before I read the next one!

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