Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bastard Out Of Carolina - Dorothy Allison

5 Stars

“There’s need,” she said. “God knows there’s need.” Her voice was awesome, biblical. “God knows.”
Bastard Out of Carolina had been on my TBR for an age due its prevalence on the annual Banned Books List. I’m not quite sure why I never got around to reading it before now, but since I’ve rectified that situation I would be a strong proponent for this being taught as a companion piece to To Kill A Mockingbird in high school literature classes. After all . . . .

Much like Mockingbird this is an unforgettable coming of age story that will forever stand the test of time. It just presents a different take on things: What if you were told about the childhood experiences of one of the Ewell girl children rather than Scout Finch? Or as the book points out on a couple of different occasions – what if you read about the dirty white-trash Slatterys rather than the O’Haras in Gone with the Wind?

The Black As Mitchell’s Heart label should be taken into consideration 100% before picking this up because it is as bleak and brutal as they come and it absolutely shredded what’s left of mine. Credit to Ms. Allison's writing where it is due because some of the alluded to moments in this book are the most powerful - and the one scene that is absolutely in-your-face completely gutted me.

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