Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Shade Of Vampire by Bella Forrest

2 Stars

My friend Sh3lly was reading this series awhile back and her updates were all shades of Twilight. . . . 

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Don’t judge. 

Anyway, I figured what the hell. She was even nice enough to attempt to lend me a copy but there was a glitch in the system somewhere because I suck at technology the universe is out to get me. Lucky for me the porny librarian is also versed in all things vampire and my turn came up at exactlythe right time for mindless fluff – a holiday weekend.

I was sooooooo ready to get my fang on. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the one for me. I know what you’re all thinking . . . 

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You are 100% right so don’t bother trolling me. I’ve read enough vampire books to know that . . . . 

And I’ll still probably eat it right up. As stated before, I was expecting a bit of a Twilight knock-off so I never imagined I would dislike this so much. Things that I’m okay with? 117 year old creepers who like to watch high school girls while they sleep. Things that I’m apparently not okay with? Girls who get dissed and dismissed on their own effing birthday when their bestie/crush decides to make smush smush with some other chick who then get kidnapped on a rando Mexican beach and have the following reaction . . . 

“My last thought was that I might never see Ben again.” 

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Have no fear, though, it only took an escape attempt and a couple of hot minutes before she went all instalove on her new captor. And of course that’s the moment that Ben comes back into the picture. Meaning #2 will probably be all . . . . 

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Or Sophia. Tomato tomahto. 

Nothing about this worked for me. I have no clue how old the author is, but the writing seemed very young – like a child might have written it. The characters were all pretty cardboard and due to this being a serial the story progression was nearly non-existent. It’s now come to my attention that there are THIRTY-THREE novellas in this collection, to which I say . . . 

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No way. No how.

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