Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Head Start by Freya Barker

3 Stars
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I knew I had to read Head Start as soon as I saw the synopsis because of reasons . . .

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Also because it fell into the “I wanna bang that tiger in the hoodie” cover category.

Yep, I have zero shame and I luuuuuuuuurv Cougar Town. I also loved the idea of an older woman/younger male storyline and I immediately went and tried to bully Shelby into reading this with me. It was she who pointed out that we had not only read (and not enjoyed) a previous book in this series, but that said book provided a first in my time at Goodreads – getting trolled before even reading page 1. Normally I wouldn’t post a link to my own shit, but HERE is the exception because WTF?!?!?!?!

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OF COURSE this one ended up being an auto-approval and since there was no chance for takebacks on my request I did what any self-respecting reader would do before beginning . . . .

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And this is why fangirls should just STFU and shove their trollish comments firmly up their buttholes. Due to my addiction to porn senility, I gave Freya Barker a second chance and ended up enjoying this waaaaaaaay more than Upper Hand.

The basics are that Neil works as an investigator for GFI and has been trying to get a taste of Kendra for quite some time. Due to the difference in their ages, however, Kendra was interested in zero part of that and instead set up a profile on match.com . . . where she finds a super creeper at best and potential serial killer at worst. With Kendra’s safety in jeopardy, Neil takes it upon himself to watch over her and y’all know what comes next . . . .

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Yeah. It pretty much got the job done. Really I only had two complaints about this story, but those two issues grated enough that I remain firmly planted in 3 Star territory.

1. I hate pet names and “Pup”??????????

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2. And this . . . .

“I’m a little nervous, since I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been able to do my face without too much damage for a few years now. As gently as I can, I slide the razor along one side of her labia.”

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For any superfan waiting in the wings to tell me what an asshole I am for not having a grooming fetish or whatever the hell reason you come up with this time . . .

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