Monday, June 13, 2016

The Matchmaker's Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken

3.5 Stars

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Welcome to Tired Trope 101. In this edition we’ll be covering a classic: the “I can’t cross the line with my best friend and make the sex with his sister/cousin/childhood friend.” When I saw that’s what The Matchmaker’s Replacement would be tackling I was in. And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn I found out that the two leads pretend to hate each other while really wanting to make with the mmmmmmmmm-bop and I was all . . .

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Despite two of my fave tropes being covered, I still had some fear that I would dislike this selection due to the storyline . . . .

“We, as wingmen, help girls find their happily ever afters. We keep them from settling for complete idiots. And in doing so help them achieve self-confidence.”

The above failed horribly for me in Firsts. The good news is, the whole “wingman” plot wasn’t covered too deeply so I didn’t have to get my hackles up over sexing randos and pretending it was for a greater good rather than just admitting to being a manwhore.

The story focused mainly where it should – on the evolving relationship between Lex and Gabi from frenemies . . . .

“I’m not worried. I’m a genius.”

“And yet you still managed to get herpes.”


To lovaaaaaaaaahs . . . .

“I would rather punch your mother than kiss it.”

“I’ll let you do both if you don’t draw blood.”

You know what comes next, right????

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That’s right. Sploosh.

Rachel Van Dyken . . .

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I have read a handful of books by this author and have 4 Starred all but one, which is pretty rare for me in general and even more rare when it comes to YA/Romance/Whateveryouwanttocall this. I’d say I’m growing gentler in my old age, but all of you who know me would immediately narc me out and say I’m more horrible than ever. If you’re looking for an author who delivers the romance along with the funny and not a whole lotta unnecessary angst along with quality smex without the squick then you might find yourself in the same position as me – unable to resist clicking the “yes please” button even if you already have eleventy thousand liburrrrrrrry books checked out. I just can’t stop myself . . .

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