Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taken by the Tetris Blocks: An Erotic Short Story by Leonard Delaney

3 Stars (????)

Palm Springs commercial photography

In case there was any question, obviously this confirms that I have zero shame and even less willpower. The only thing that may surprise any of you is the person who requested this buddy read. In order to protect his good name, he shall remain nameless (*cough Dan cough*). Yes, it seems even the brightest of bulbs on the Goodreads’ tree cannot resist the siren song of monster erotica.

So what was this little gem about? Wellllllll, pretty much something kinda like this . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Some time ago blocks started falling from the sky. Christie was excited to welcome this new species to Earth, but Donald Trump her boss at Squawker Media was not so open-minded and decided Christie should write some controversial pieces about how the Blocks are ruining ‘Murica. Christie decides to pull a Johnny Paycheck and tells that bastard to take this job and shove it, but before packing her desk she makes a pit stop to freshen up and confirms the Right Wingers are sooooooo correct that you never know what will happen if you allow shared bathrooms - especially with these fellas . . . .

After that it pretty much boils down to a lot of . . .

“Yeah, fill my gap.”

And confirmation that . . .

Are you a disgusting pervert with no self-control just like me? If so, get it for free right HERE.

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