Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

5 Stars

“You know your family’s fucked up, right?” he asked. “Like, seriously screwed.”

If you want to sit at the lunch table with Mitchell and me you probably need to buy this. (Also, we wear pink on Wednesdays.) I’ve only read about 40 books so far this year, so declaring this to be “My Favorite Read of 2017” is a bit lackluster at this point. I will say that I bet any of you a dollar it ends up as at least a Top 5 by January 31, if that helps prove my point. I’ve also been forcing this on everyone I know – even though it wasn’t even available for them to buy/check out from the library. I mean, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen, and if no one was around to hear me???? Easy peezy lemon squeezy . . . .

Here’s the part where I tell you I “can’t really tell you much” because spoilers and blah blah and getting there is all the fun, and although that is so cliché it’s totally true . . . .

“Let me tell you a story. It starts out nice, but it ends . . . badly.”

The story here is about Lane, who goes to live with her never-before-met grandparents after her mother commits suicide. Over the course of a summer she becomes almost a sister to her cousin Allegra who also lives at the Roanoke estate and finds out the history of all of the beautiful Roanoke girls who came before her. Fast forward to the present where Lane is summoned back to the family home in order to track down a missing Allegra.

I notice The Roanoke Girls is being shelved/marketed as a “mystery,” but if you’re a frequent mystery reader you’ll know the outcome pretty much before things even get started. You’ll also most likely pick up on the trail of breadcrumbs that is left almost from the start, but if you’re anything like Mitchell or myself it won’t deplete your reading experience in the least . . . .

“The first time I saw Roanoke was in a dream.”

“Did you wake up screaming?”


“Was it a nightmare?”


“Then it was nothing like that.”

^^^^ That was on page one and right there I was like . . . .

Or book. You get the idea. Also, if your tastes run fairly vanilla when it comes to “mysterious chick litty” types of read you might end up wishing you had some heroin after you finish this one.

EVERY. SINGLE. STAR. I’ll even go steal some from other books if I have to. Shitty books like The Shack.

I thought I couldn’t get any more excited, but then this happened . . . .

And Crown Publishing wasn’t even aware that I was going to be creaming my jeans about this one before they sent it to me! Apologies for the worst hair day in the history of the world, but we legit had effing tornados last night and curly hair sho ‘nuff don’t care today. Also, I’ve been working on a janky ass broken phone with no selfie camera for about eternity and I’m super excited to annoy all of you with my old mug : )

In case you couldn’t figure it out from the swoony awkwardness above, an advanced copy was provided to me by Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review. And now it’s . . . .

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