Monday, March 20, 2017

Dinner: Changing the Game by Melissa Clark

4 Stars

Confession:  I have a bit of an addiction to cookbooks.  Unfortunately, due to their hefty price tags I (i) have to refrain from purchasing nearly any of them and (ii) am often disappointed when I do shell out $20 or $30 bucks only to find them filled with stuff no one in my house would ever eat.  You see, much like Jim Gaffigan's brood, my clan is comprised of "eaties" rather than foodies.  They like meat.  They like bread.  Sometimes they like potatoes and every once in awhile you can blow dart a green bean down their throat. 

When I saw Dinner was actually about dinners, I was all in . . . but still bracing myself for disappointment.  While we try to eat dinner together every night we can, Springtime brings crazy baseball schedules and a lot of our meals are on the fly.  Until that kicks in, I've been focusing on some seriously QUALITY Sunday dinners.  Ones where everyone in the house will say . . . .

I was amazed by how much Dinner had to offer.  Almost every page contained something I might want to try.  I was also impressed that while the names sometimes sounded fancy, the ingredients were those most people who enjoy to (or are forced to) cook have in their pantries/spice racks. 

But the proof is in the pudding, right?  Here's last night's dinner:

Jalepeno-Honey Steak, Spiced Crab and Corn Cakes, Scalloped Potato Skillet Gratin and Roasted Cauliflower . . . . .

(Why yes, I did totally burn the first batch of crabcakes.  I was busy trying to keep my dog from eating cat vomit.  Yum.  Who wants to come over for dinner????)

I also made a "Dirt Cake" which is most definitely not an item contained in this cookbook, proving that the subliminal messaging contained within my friends'/relatives' Facebook posts are verrrrrrrry powerful . . . .

If you enjoy cookbooks or are maybe looking for a good one to present as a gift to someone starting out on their own - Dinner is definitely a winner.

ARC provided by Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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