Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Batdad: A Parody by Blake Wilson

1 Star

WARNING: If you’re sitting at your ‘puter or phone crossing your fingers for an epic tantrum to go along with this solo Star allow me to apologize in advance for disappointing you. I had a feeling this wouldn’t end well, which is why I’ve held off on taking a gander at it for so long. Now that I have?????

Batdad: A Parody is the latest victim of the money grab which is blog (or vlog, as the case may be) to book fails. In case you aren’t familiar I’d really like to come visit your cave sometime and also, allow me to introduce you to Batdad . . .

He makes funny videos with his kids/wife/dogs/father/brother/etc. wearing a Batman mask. It’s quite possibly the best time suck in the history of creation and I can easily find myself losing 30 minutes any time I’m having a shit day watching them. Unfortunately, the magic doesn’t translate from video to book. At all. Well, except for this . . . .

That’s funny every single time - but then again it might be because I can’t stop myself from reading the commentary from all the pearl clutchers.

Bottom line, unless it’s by doing something illegal, I don’t generally give a shit how people make their money and if you’re a follower of Batdad you know dude was probably grinding just like the rest of us schmucks in order to provide such a nice home for his family. Hell, even if you are making your money pulling a Walter White or whatnot, just don’t let me know about it (because been there – done that – glad that guy’s house got foreclosed on). Anywho, for those of you who are dense and haven’t picked up what I’m dropping yet, if I was in the same position as Batdad I’d take this book deal too. He probably even knew it would suck, but it’s all ‘bout those Benjamins sometimes and four children require A LOT of Benjamins.

Speaking of Benjamin – if you haven’t had the Batdad experience, I highly recommend the videos starring little Ben. Only dude in a house full of tiny vaginas. His life is going to suck in the next few years when they all get their periods.

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