Wednesday, March 22, 2017

That Night by Chevy Stevens

1.5 Stars

I’m not going to waste much of my time on this, but I want to put something out there so you don’t waste much of your time on this either. My reading experience when it comes to That Night pretty much went a little something like this . . .

I fell victim (once again) to the Goodreads side margin adverts that had me clicking all the buttons required to put Chevy Stevens’ newest release on hold at the library. When That Night popped up as a “currently available” selection, I couldn’t resist the instant gratification of downloading it. I mean, this is America and I do indeed want things now. I scrolled through the ratings and noticed a certain someone on my friend list was the only dissenting opinion, but chalked it up to her having her period or one of her monkey’s experiencing a bad case of diarrhea or whatnot that made her read it wrong. After all, Chevy Stevens wrote one of the best thrillers I’ve ever read. (Apparently all of my friends read it back in the day of reviews that consisted of “dis was guuud” so here’s a generic link to Still Missing. Also note that I may or may not have also read and enjoyed Never Knowing, but I can’t remember since I have a terminal case of Old Lady Brain. The entire reason I joined GR in the first place was to track what I had already read in order to NOT end up checking out something from the library, reading 50 pages and having sever déjà vu since it was a book I had read months or years before so way to fail me once again, brain.)

Anywho, I checked this out since it was readily available and promptly channeled my inner Ron 2.0 which had me asking myself . . . .

Now I know how he feels almost all the time. The story here was about a woman named Toni who was (along with her boyfriend, Ryan) accused of murdering her sister when she was a teenager. The reader then has to follow the back and forth timey wimey between the past and the present where Toni has been released from jail and her attempts to find out what really happened “that night.” And everything about it was terrible. I am not a reader who minds knowing the “whodunit” aspect of a mystery if the story is done well. Unfortunately, that was not the case here. I can’t believe this is the same author who wrote Still Missing. This read like a submission to an unaccredited How to Write a Mystery Book 101 course that someone would pay $99 for on the internet in order to have a real “pro” tell them their snowflake was the speshulist of them all. I HATED Toni and said out loud more than a few times . . . .

And as far as all of the supposed police work?????

If that’s how the criminal justice system actually works in Canada y’all can keep your universal healthcare and I’ll keep my ass here where I’m pretty sure I won’t go to jail for nothing. I’m rounding up to 2 Stars because (i) I’ve read a couple of real stinkers already this year and at least this one could be categorized as a mindless poolside guilty pleasure and (ii) I don’t want anyone throwing the baby out with the bathwater and I think Chevy Stevens aforementioned stuff deserves a look-see.

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