Thursday, March 16, 2017

Desperation Road by Michael Farris Smith

3 Stars

In the most monumental of all first round NCAA upsets GR buddy-ups I awoke this morning to notifications pinging of The Review Sloth beating me to the punch when it came to posting his opinings. I should have known better than to offer myself for a buddy read with a frenemy like Ron 2.0. Not only did he start reading the book days before the agreed schedule, but when I checked up on him to see his status he was “hoping he’d have time to finish it.” Since he is the go-to-guru of all things Netflix I figured he’d need another day or two minimum due to his binge-watching and went about my bidness (a/k/a reading and reviewing two other books). And now I find this??????? Ron may have just earned himself a new name . . . .

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I requested a reader copy of Desperation Road last Fall when my better half told me to. Per usual, I immediately forgot about it and proceeded to read alllllllllllll the liburrrrrrry books instead. After a combination of growing tired of not possessing that elusive 80% badge on NetGalley and seeing Ron add it to his TBR I figured it was time to roll the dice.

The story here is two-fold. One follows a recently released inmate named Russell and the other a woman named Maben who is seriously in possession of the shit end of the stick. As with most stories, eventually the two cross paths and you’ll find that a certain someone was 100% correct when he asked “What do we say about coincidences?”

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That’s right. What’s that guy’s name again????? Oh yeah . . . . .

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So there you have it. The story is woven well together, but nothing will probably come as a huge surprise to most readers. The writing is perfectly palatable and not overly done. In fact, I even pulled out the ol’ blue highlighting tool in order to share something with the class . . . .

“Maybe if you told me what was going on I could figure out a way to help.”

“Maybe Jesus will come down from His high horse and cook us supper.”

The pacing was great and the story had little to no filler, but give me a few weeks and I have a feeling this one will fall off my radar so much I’ll have to double-check to even remember what it was about. In my defense Mitchell and I might be a little jaded having recently reading The Weight Of This World which really went balls out when it came to desperation so we would have been more satisfied with a not-quite-so-tidy ending. I also seriously disliked Maben. What a waste of fucking time that bitch was. However, I’m interested to see what else Michael Farris Smith has in the tank and will definitely check his stuff out again.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve not yet read Ron’s review, but did notice we are of one mind when it comes to this rating. The forecast should be calling for swarms of locusts and rivers turning to blood any minute now.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Thank you, NetGalley!

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