Monday, April 11, 2016

I Drink For A Reason by David Cross

3 Stars
When a book by David Cross popped up on my library’s recommended page, my reaction was kind of like this . . .

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Oh how I love the magic which is Tobias Fünke, Mr. Show, and Cross’ stand-up shows. Like myself, David is a member of the last generation to not exit the womb immediately butt-hurt and his comedy stylings prove it. If you are easily offended, steer clear ‘cause Mr. Cross takes issue with just about errrrrrrrrrry sensitive subject, including race, religion, sex, etc. If are of the crybaby sort, I have a feeling Cross would react kind of like this on a good day . . .

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Or maybe this on a bad one . . .

Okay, I’m seriously NOT as old as the following statement would lead you to believe, but I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid and they were huge Andy Rooney fans. If you’ve ever read one of his books or forgone all of the newsy parts of 60 Minutes but tuned in for the last five which consisted of Rooney’s commentary, you might enjoy this book. Cross is as curmudgeonly as Rooney and his couple of page rambly entries have a similar delivery to Rooney’s as well.

Due to a severely not cooperative gastrointestinal system I never developed the habit of reading while on the crapper. However, if you are of the sort who likes to have a variety of reading materials at the ready to peruse during your morning constitutional, this would be a great choice. Filled with everything from random lists to epic rants, Cross covers nearly every topic you never thought you were interested in reading about. And he does so with such a could give a shit attitude that I was all . . .

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My favorite selection of the book was “Ideas for T-shirts to Be Sold at Urban Outfitters.” I would wear every single one of these motherf*ckers . . .

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3 Stars because this is definitely a book served best in small doses and because Cross made the monumental mistake of responding to a bad review (on a blog written by someone who most definitely appeared to be the a-hole in the situation right up to the point where Cross went to her site and told her she wasn’t entitled to have an opinion - even if said opinion was of the ermagherd everything offends me variety). Dear Darling David, 99.99999% of the human population probably had not even heard of the twat who took such offense to your Romney/Mormon jokes, but when you went and commented she most likely got a shitpile of undeserved attention/praise. Stay away (far far away) from those who don’t appreciate your brilliance – or at least be aware that when you go to someone else’s house and shit on their carpet, it is YOU who ends up looking the troll : (

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