Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Donnybrook by Frank Bill

3 Stars
This has a 4.40 rating among my friends. My honorary man card????

I just don’t think my penis was big enough to truly enjoy this one.

Donnybrook is quite possibly the most brutal thing I’ve ever read. It’s the tale of a mash-up of about a billion characters, all thinly connected who converge at . . . you guessed it – THE DONNYBROOK. What is the Donnybrook, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like this . . .

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(Get you some, Jared Leto)

But unlike the picture above, you can most definitely talk about this fight club. The fight is just a blip on the radar when it comes to this story, though. First you have to meet the ensemble. Folks like Jarhead Earl who is just trying to do whatever it takes to support his family . . .

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(I’m about 147% certain ol’ Jarhead didn’t look like that, but I am a disgusting pervert so it was really easy to convince myself he did.)

Then you have Angus – a real entrepreneur . . .

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And his high-class sister, Liz . . .

I can’t forget Fu . . .

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Even a man of the law gets in the mix on this one . . .

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As I said, after an infinite number run-ins, shoot ‘em ups, beat ‘em ups and about everything else that could possibly draw blood you can imagine the story ties together in a bloodbath of epic proportions.

So obviously I read this wrong (goes without saying at this point, right?). I’m going to blame it on the timing. Having just come off a Donald Ray Pollack followed up by Miriam Black with only a couple of pornos highly intellectual novels in between my brain wanted to compare this apple with similar apples. For me Donnybrook lacked a bit in the plot/character development department. However, if you are looking for a high body count, a soundtrack featuring Johnny Cash and some pretty freaking quotable quotes . . .

“Is that spite or disrespect? You making a threat?”

Angus told him, “I don’t make threats. I offer moments to reconcile one’s shitty choices.”

Then look no further. I’ll definitely be keeping Frank Bill on my radar in order to see what his twisted brain can come up with next.

Many thanks to Ron 2.0for forcing this down my throat politely telling me I should read this book. I almost even agreed with you! Mitchell says thanks too. He found this highly educational. He also requests if you're ever in our neck of the woods you stop by (preferably while I'm at work) and drop off some Sudafed and empty Mountain Dew two liters. He wouldn't tell me why he needed them, though *shrug*.

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