Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

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The Deal featured one my most fave tired tropes: The “Can’t Buy Me Love.” You know what I’m talking about, where someone wants to go from totally geek to totally chic. In this case it was Hannah – who has had her eye on football player Justin for months. The only problem? Justin has a specific type and Hannah sho ‘nuff ain’t it. That’s where Garrett comes into play . . . .

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Garrett is a hockey player who has a reputation for really knowing how to use his stick (if you know what I mean) . . . .

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Hannah has less than zero interest in him. However, Garrett promises if Hannah will help him ace his ethics midterm he can help her seal the deal with her crush by pretending to be dating her.

Sounds adorable so what the hell could my problem possibly be, right? Welllll, here you go. Page 1:

“In the five years since the rape . . .”

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I just can’t anymore with the rape sidestory. Why the flying f*&^ couldn’t Hannah have been someone who simply lost her O-Face and needed a magic penis to help her rediscover it? I am so G.D. sick and tired of rape being used as a plot device. I’ve never even been sexually assaulted, but I am so offended by this bullshit. It’s not romantic, it’s disgusting. And to think a magic wiener will be the thing that mends a character who admittedly is “broken”?????

So here’s the deal. For only the second time in the history of ever I’m withholding my Star rating. I realize that my problem with The Deal really was MY problem. I enjoyed Elle Kennedy’s writing, the sex was hawt and I loved her characters. She wrote a smart female lead (finally) and a male that will easily go down in the record books as most reader’s “book boyfriend.” I will most definitely be giving the next book in this series a try at some point (translation – when it too is on sale for $.99). That is, assuming there’s no wayback rape in that one. For the next author who throws this into the pot in hopes of selling their book? Consider yourself warned. I won’t be so nice . . .

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Now go read Dino Jess’ review. Not only is she not a horrible old bitch like I am, but she also provided me the hookup when this went on sale.

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