Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ponies by Kij Johnson

4 Stars
“Why are you here? You’re not OneOfUs. You don’t have a pony.”

Our story begins a little something like this . . .

Okay, maybe not - but sorta. TopGirl is having a pony party and she has invited Tina and to come. Barbara LOVES playing ponies and her pony is just as excited to be invited to go play with TheOtherGirls' ponies. Barbara and her pony know what is expected in order to attend . . .

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But realize it's well worth it in order to be friends with all of TheOtherGirls and are sure it's going to be a magical fun time . . .

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And it is!!!!

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Well, for a little while.

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Ponies has the "trainwreck" factor which means EVERYONE has read or is planning on reading it. At 10 pages and me with 15 minutes to kill it was the perfect choice. I'd normally give something like this 3 Stars due to my own issues with not enjoying the super short shorts, but I dreamed about ponies last night *shudder* so it gets 4. Thanks Shelby for providing me with nightmares my brain never could have conjured up on its own.

Want to attend this twisted little party too? You can find your RSVP card here:

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