Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nothing Bad is Going to Happen by Kathleen Hale

3 Stars

“Everyone is wanting to kill Kippy. It is her destiny.” 

I imagine the reaction of most Goodreads users upon seeing someone reading Ms. Hale’s books looks a little something like this . . . 

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Oh yes. I did. I know who the author is. I know what she did. I wrote a friggin’ thesis paper on it in my review of her first book HERE (or read Hunger for Knowledge’s review instead since everyone knows I’m an a-hole). I still can’t wrap my brain around why the heck what happened even happened, but I’m not going to beat a dead horse about it. At this point in time I am simply a reader who hopes to actually like the books I’m reading. (Another thing I can’t wrap my brain around are the users who actively seek out books they knowthey will hate – only so they can rage out about it. What a waste of time.) I was shocked at how much I enjoyed No One Else Can Have You and I knew I would be one of the first (maybe only hehehehe) people to read the sequel. 

Nothing Bad Is Going To Happen picks up where book one left off. Kippy Bushman has solved the murder of her best friend and is looking forward to being a regular teenager. Her main goal is to finally lose her V-Card and she’s pulling out the big guns for some expert advice on how to make it perfect . . . 

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Things don’t go as planned, however, when Kippy shows up for her big night with her boyfriend Davey only to find him surrounded by pills and empty beer bottles . . . 

“Here I am, just some girl trying to get boned, and instead I have to hunt down a killer. Again.” 


So what did I think? Well, like most sequels I didn’t enjoy this as much as the original. Kippy lost a little of her charm for me (but the Libby and Rosa characters definitely helped fill the gap). It wasn’t as . . . . sharp (????) as the original either. The humor was a little less edgy and the “dark” plot points were pretty O.T.T. that seemed to be thrown in for shock and awe factor. That being said, I still read this puppy cover to cover without ever wanting to put it aside and I remain interested in seeing what Ms. Hale might write next (assuming she moves on from Kippy – cause I don’t do book threes). Bottom line is if your idea of a movie marathon includes stuff like this . . .

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Kathleen Hale might write the YA book for you. The Coen brothers are the only weirdos I can even think to compare her stuff to.

Final thought: Like I said with the first book, I totally get anyone who isn’t interested in reading this author’s books, along with any method of shelving/rating-without-reading users choose. I only ask two things: (1) respect my (and anyone else’s) right to read these books (I’m lucky enough to live in a metro area with two different library systems so me reading “blacklisted” books lines the author’s pocket with zeros of dollars) and (2) if you’re going to hold one author to a certain standard, you should hold ALL authors to the same standard. “Authors” who use GR to constantly hate on other writers/their books or post rage-filled status updates attacking users for the way they choose to rate books might be just one step away from the showing up at someone’s door kind of crazy . . . 

“Hate and love are both obsessions. You can’t hate someone without caring, too.” 

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