Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk

2 Stars
“Half the patients were put in here because they claim to talk to God. But preachers do the same thing and they’re put in positions of power and praise.”

When I saw We Are Monsters available for grabs I was super stoked. I mean, a book about the apocalypse (real one, not zombie version) coming to an insane asylum????? YES PLEASE!!!!! But then I read it and I was all . . .

First, I’m pretty sure before it’s all said and done someone out there is going to inform me how I read this one wrong - and second, Mitchell is going to seriously hurt me if I keep forcing him to read stuff we both end up not liking. *shrug* It is what it is.

This book started out strong. Mental hospital, a doctor with a real God complex, a serial killer who believed he was saving the world from the End of Days. Such excite Mitchell and I both had! But then we reached the halfway point . . .

and it just didn’t work for me any longer. All of the build-up that had me on the edge of my seat abruptly stopped, the tone of the story changed, hell the entire plot morphed into something else. I’m sure this story will work for many, but for me? The two halves seemed totally disjointed, the message got a little too preachy . . . .

“We’re sick. We’re all sick. But we can be cured. And we can be kind. And we don’t have to let our lives be ruled by the shadows of the past. Not if we act through love.”

and basically . . .

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  1. Felt the same way. 2/3rds of the way through the book when the whole story shifts, it lost me, and never grabbed me again. Reminded me of some Clive Barker stuff, but without Clive's incredible talent to create the scenes.