Monday, July 20, 2015

Somebody I Used To Know by David Bell

2.5 Stars

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You know how sometimes when you have cramps and then the remote falls behind the bed and you’re feeling all blah so you say “F*&^ IT!” and keep it on the Lifetime Movie Network all day instead of doing something productive? That’s kind of what I felt like I was doing while reading this book.

The basic premise behind Somebody I Used To Know is that Nick sees a young woman in a grocery store who just so happens to resemble his old college girlfriend – who died 20 years ago. Before getting a chance to figure out if there is any connection between the two women, the stranger runs off – and is found murdered that night with Nick’s name and address on a slip of paper in her pocket. While attempting to clear himself of the crime, Nick is drawn back into the past trying to discover the connection between the two dead women . . .

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The main problem I had with this book wasn’t the fact that it could have easily been a “movie of the week” – it was that it was soooooo drug out and just waaaaay too complicated. I mean, I figured out the basic “whodunit” before the halfway point (don’t believe me? here you go: (view spoiler)), but then more plot twists and side stories kept getting added in and it just went on forever. It also didn’t help that Nick was giving me just a wee bit too much of a creeper vibe to really get on board with him ever interacting with any woman . . .

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and really just kind of needed to . . .

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However, I seem to be the lone wolf when it comes to the low rating, so if Somebody I Used To Know is on your TBR, it should most definitely remain there. I will warn you, though, that the song will NEVER stop playing in your head while you’re reading this. EVER. It won’t stop after you’re finished either.
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That awkward moment when you just give in and download the damn book you keep seeing on NetGalley in the hope that maybe the song will FINALLY get unstuck from your brain . . .

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