Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich

5 Stars
The biggest perk of Goodreads is easily discovering books that might never have made it to my TBR list were it not for seeing a friend’s review. I have a lot of friends who read quality stuff, but when Shelby and Ron 2.0 agree on something? That’s a book I need to read pronto. Now that I’ve read Bull Mountain I’m going to do something I’ve never done before – I’m telling y’all if there’s one book you should read this year, this is it.

“Stop thinkin’ you can right something that was born wrong.”

The Burroughs family carved their niche in the world on Bull Mountain – a picturesque piece of land in North Georgia . . . .

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It was there the family started running that good ol’ Georgia Peach back during prohibition . . .

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As times changed, so did the family business - eventually evolving into an enterprise producing crops from thousands of acres of land . . .

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The present-day Burroughs are serious high rollers. The product has morphed yet again . . .

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but the stakes have become much higher, leading the family to form an association with some fellas from Florida . . .

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and the Feds are closing in.

Bull Mountain tells the tale of this one-of-a-kind family. With a timeline that spans the 1950s to the present and a true ensemble cast of characters that is woven together seamlessly with twists and turns I never saw coming – this book will easily go down as one of the top five books I read all year.

“Sins of the father run deep. Family bonds, right?”

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  1. yep goodreads and your blog are two places i regularly check for those books, as you mention, would simply slip by even avid readers ... thanks for your work and reviews :)