Thursday, July 30, 2015

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

2 Stars
Upon starting Grave Mercy things were going swimmingly . . .

“You would not expect a queen to wash her own clothes or lace her own gown, she has handmaids for that. And so it is with us; we serve as handmaids to Death. When we are guided by His will, killing is a sacrament.”

My inner bunneh was all like . . .

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But then the MC was given the assignment that I thought would be the driving force throughout the book, only to find out what was really going to happen was not how I had imagined . . . .

“He blinks, ‘If you are not careful, I will begin to think you are enamored of me.’ At his words, something flutters happily in my breast, pleasure, perhaps.”

And I was all like . . .

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So here’s a chick who was raised with an abusive father who pawns her off to the highest bidder who OF COURSE couldn’t wait to smack the shit out of her as well – gets rescued from said abuser’s house before he has a chance to rape and beat her – is transported to a convent where she discovers she is TOTALLY kick-ass/immune to poison/has the ability to see the mark of death on a person/etc. – is trained to become an assassin – and then gets sent on an assignment only to become smitten with the dude who may actually end up being the bad guy . . .

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Talk about a real bait and switch. It was like going to pick up your brand new blue sports wagon and instead walking away with . . .

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Grave Mercy could be used as an exhibit of why YA books get a bad rap. For the love of Tom Cruise, why do authors assume young people are stupid? Talk about a story that was 100% predictable. I. SAW. EVERYTHING. COMING. From the bad guy (view spoiler) to that stupid f*&^%g ending. (view spoiler)

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If you’re looking for a story with a lot of stabby, run far far away. On the other hand, if you enjoy a novel that takes you in the wayback machine and deals with romance and intrigue in the Royal Court, you’ll be like the 95% of my Goodreads friends who thought this one was a big winner.

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