Saturday, April 18, 2015

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

3 Stars
“Some things can’t be made right.”

So Hiddles, what did we think of this one?

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Oh come on, that’s a bit harsh dontcha think????

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That’s right, think about it. Take all the time you need. Oh, you already have a new reaction???

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Yes. I can get on board with the eye roll – and yet somehow I COULD. NOT. STOP. READING. THIS.

Alright, here’s the synopsis (Dear plagiarists, please don’t steal these from me. I’m not very good at writing them): Those Girls is about three sisters being raised by their often absentee and nearly always drunken father. When Daddy Dearest returns home and begins beating on the oldest of the three girls, well . . .

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No shit. Fearing they will end up placed in separate foster homes, the girls run away – straight into the arms of some terrifying strangers. SPOILERY THINGS THEN HAPPEN. Fast-forward 18 years and the girls find themselves dealing with a real blast from the past.

This one kinda had everything but the . . .

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Oh wait, there it is. Momma June, get your big ass melon out of my kitchen sink . . . and do the damn dishes! If you can deal with the fact that anything bad that could possibly happen to these girls/women is something that is definitely going to happen to these girls/women, you might be okay with it too. Although 100% farfetched, this was wicked fast-paced and kind of un-put-down-able. Please note: I was provided a manuscript of this novel (which has never happened to me before) so I have no idea what will/will not remain in the final edited version.

I was also pleasantly surprised that one thing I was almost positive was going to end up happening, never happened at all. What is that thing, you ask? Why the seriously forced romantic subplot between the poor, damaged, woman and the dude who helped save the day – who also happened to look like this . . .

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of course. Thank Tom Cruise there was no “yes, my family might be in danger, but we should make with the sexytimes first and then save them” narrative in addition to all of the other ingredients thrown into this pot. The absence of that coupled with the fact that I’m kind of a bit of a Chevy Stevens fangirl helped generate an end result of a 3 Star rating from yours truly.

Warning: This is a book that contains graphic violence and rape scenes. It’s not a story everyone will be comfortable reading.

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ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 
Thank you, NetGalley!

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