Thursday, November 21, 2019

Holy Lands by Amanda Sthers

4.5 Stars

Harry definitely wasn’t suffering from what most people would consider a typical sort of change in lifestyle that might be expected of a wealthy Jewish New York cardiologist of a certain age . . . . .

Instead . . . .

And now????

In Israel. He’s also engaging in quite the war of words with the local Rabbi.

This certainly won’t be a book for everyone, but I’m so happy to see that some of my most treasured Goodreads’ friends thought it was a gem just like I did. Told entirely via correspondence – both email and “snail mail” varieties – the current events of the entire Rosenmerck family are presented (and, of course, the Rabbi too) as they navigate their way through . . . .

Like the blurb states, Holy Lands is witty and heartwarming and it’s hard not to fall a little lotta bit in love with the Rosenmercks. Between the epistolary format and its brevity there’s not much reason why a reader couldn’t get through it in one sitting – and that’s how you should do it, if possible. It’s kind of like digging through an old box in your grandma’s attic and discovering your family history in the hoard.

P.S. I just now saw that it is soon to be a movie. James Caan will be the perfect Harry!

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